CCDC International

I deployed technologies and directed logistics for a construction materials firm. I improved our day-to-day operations with enterprise software.

My Role

I was the Chief Technology Officer for a firm that designs, distributes, and installs construction materials. I created business intelligence dashboards to help our team track projects, invoices, and clients. I reshaped a company to track their business in the cloud within an industry that can be resistant to change. I led a team of developers in customizing and deploying Odoo—a scalable enterprise software—using Python and SQL.


Interview Notes

“We need to automatically link company documents to projects and invoices. And organize our server's files.”
“...and when we receive a shipment in the warehouse, we’d like to scan each box...have it create a receipt and tell us what’s missing.”
“As a salesperson, it would be great to see leads from any device...accessible from a job site.”
“Notifications are important. We can help our clients by giving timely notifications during the proposal, invoice, and shipping process.”

Design Process

We created a map of users. We gathered stories of their experiences with existing software and hardware, which deepened our understanding of their actual needs.
We researched best practices. We consulted with outside developers on ERP software and how to integrate existing equipment. Our findings narrowed our selection.
We selected Odoo, an open-source ERP software, which we hosted on-premise. We developed custom features. Our workshops gave us feedback on how to improve our deployment.

Odoo Features

Our implementation is rich with features that help CCDC International. Users can communicate and share files easily, check sales and leads, process large datasets from interior design software, automatically generate invoices, view inventory reports, and more. See examples with artificial data (for privacy):

CRM Manufacturing Invoices Timesheets

Mobile App

Users can move seamlessly between desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Odoo can be accessed on Android and iOS. The UI is consistent. See examples with artificial data (for privacy):


We simplified the workflow for CCDC International and its employees. By being open to iteration, we developed a software that not only helps the company, but also helps its clients. Our solution is flexible, fast, and customizable. Data is managed in accordance with industry best-practices.

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