Democratic Party of Virginia

I worked with Democratic candidates in successful county and statewide races. I managed field, finance, and entire campaigns while supporting others up and down the ballot.

My Role

I began in 2016 as a volunteer for Secretary Hillary Clinton. Over time, I grew my grassroots interest into a business of helping candidates. I used voter databases skillfully in political campaigns. And my experience extends far beyond software. I organized community leaders, recruited volunteers, knocked doors, and phone banked. I built strong relationships on the ground and found effective ways to communicate a candidate's platform to voters.


Powered By NGPVAN

Nearly all major Democratic campaigns in the U.S. are supported by NGPVAN. Their software suite includes voter contact, volunteer, fundraising, and compliance tools. I developed an intimate understanding of VoteBuilder and NGP through multiple campaigns.


  • Used official voter registration records, which are updated with private data from NGPVAN, to obtain very granular information on precincts and and voting histories.
  • Designed targeted phone-banking lists and canvassing routes for volunteers. Captured data in real-time with a mobile app.
  • Generated reports for candidates on contact rates. Used data to prioritize competitive precincts, thus enabling a greater turnout of Democratic voters.


  • Imported data on existing and potential Democratic donors for fundraising. Developed call-sheet templates for candidates for successful conversations.
  • Generated reports on campaign contributions. Submitted compliant data to state officials.
  • Created target audiences on social media and purchased precise ads. Tracked performance in Facebook Ads Manager.
VoteBuilder Platform NGP Platform

U.S. Senate & House of Representatives

I joined the re-election campaign for Senator Tim Kaine in 2018. As the Field Organizer for Loudoun County, one of the most populous counties in Virginia, I was on the front lines of his voter turnout effort. I canvassed, phone banked, and recruited volunteers in over 90 precincts. I coordinated with other Democratic candidates, such as Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton. On election day, we had a high midterm turnout. We won the Senate seat and successfully flipped the 10th Congressional District after 38 years.


Loudoun County Board of Supervisors

I became the Field Director and Finance Director for Forest Hayes at the end of 2018. I managed his voter outreach and fundraising. In electing Hayes, we would not only flip a seat on the county's board, but also flip the most rural and conservative district in the county. Although Hayes didn't win, our effort helped to increase voter turnout by a massive 64% compared to the previous election for this seat in 2015.


Loudoun County School Board At-Large

In the middle of 2019, I accepted an offer to join a county-wide race. I became the Campaign Manager for Denise Corbo, an award-winning educator. I crafted her campaign strategy and coordinated with other Democratic campaigns. We channelled her passion for students into a victory on election day. Despite running in a competitive three-way race, our campaign earned 10,000 more votes than the runner-up and 40,000 more votes than the trailing candidate.


The success of campaigns depends on both people and technology. In every campaign, I used NGPVAN to conduct sophisticated voter targeting. I deployed volunteers to convert those in competitive precincts while promoting turnout in Democratic precincts. Being people-oriented and data-driven allowed me—and those I worked with—to secure important victories.

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I led a national organization of over 350,000 secondary and post-secondary students. I advocated to improve funding and curricula for skilled trades.

Role: National High-School President
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