Democratic Party of Virginia

I helped candidates run successful county and statewide races in Virginia. I managed field, finance, and strategy while supporting others on the ballot.

My Role

After volunteering on a presidential race in 2016, I began a career of helping candidates in my community. I used voter databases skillfully, and my experience extends beyond software. I organized community leaders, recruited volunteers, knocked doors, and phone-banked. I built strong relationships on the ground and found effective ways to translate platforms to voters.


Powered By NGPVAN

Many campaigns in the U.S. are powered by NGPVAN. Their suite gave me tools for voter contact, volunteer, fundraising, and compliance. I gained a deep understanding through multiple campaigns.


  • Used voter registration records, which are updated with private data from NGPVAN, to obtain very granular information on precincts and and voting histories.
  • Designed targeted phone-banking lists and canvassing routes for volunteers. Captured data in real-time with a mobile app.
  • Generated reports for candidates. Used data on contact rates to prioritize the most competitive precincts, thus enabling a greater turnout of Democratic voters.


  • Imported data on existing and potential donors. Wrote call scripts for candidates for successful conversations.
  • Generated reports on campaign contributions. Submitted compliant data to state officials.
  • Targeted audiences on social media and purchased ads. Tracked performance in Facebook Ads Manager.
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U.S. Senate & House of Representatives

During the 2018 midterm, I helped re-elect Senator Tim Kaine. As the Field Organizer for Loudoun County, one of the most populous counties in Virginia, I was on the front lines of ensuring a high turnout. I canvassed, phone banked, and recruited volunteers in over 90 precincts. I coordinated with other candidates like Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton. On election day, we won the Senate seat and flipped the 10th Congressional District after 38 years.


Loudoun County Board of Supervisors

After the 2018 midterm, I became the Field Director and Finance Director for Forest Hayes. I managed his voter outreach and fundraising. We had to flip the most rural and conservative board seat in the county, and although we didn't win, our effort helped increase turnout by a massive 64% compared to the previous election in 2015.


Loudoun County School Board At-Large

In 2019, I became the Campaign Manager for Denise Corbo, an award-winning educator. I crafted our campaign strategy and coordinated with other campaigns. We channelled her passion for students into a victory on election day. Despite running in a competitive three-way race, our campaign earned ~10,000 and ~40,000 more votes than the other candidates.


Campaigns depends on both people and technology. In every campaign, I used NGPVAN to conduct sophisticated targeting. I deployed volunteers to convert voters in competitive precincts while promoting turnout in non-competitive precincts. Being people-oriented and data-driven allowed us to secure victories.

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I led a national organization of over 350,000 students. I advocated to improve funding and curricula for skilled trades.

Role: National President
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